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Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP), Olimpia is a registered professional planner in Alberta and an urbanist in Québec with over 20 years of comprehensive and management experience across Canada. She returned to Québec as Programs Coordinator Ecological Transition with the City of Gatineau, after she served as Senior Planning Advisor for Alberta Municipal Affairs since 2008. Olimpia worked previously on wide strategic initiatives as Principal Planner for the City of Edmonton, for municipalities in Québec, and as Coordinator Planning and Lands for the Government of Nunavut.

Olimpia has received the 2022 "AWARD FOR POLICY EXCELLENCE" from the Institute of Public Administration Canada (IPAC), for her leadership on the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Training Regulation and program. 

After a Bachelor of Science and a Master in Urban Planning from the University of Montreal, Olimpia is completing a Masters Degree in Public Health at the University of Alberta integrating planning and health policies.

Selected on the CIP National Affairs Committee since 2008, she was appointed for a second mandate as Chair CIP Healthy Communities Committee to facilitate a national policy initiative. Under Olimpia’s mandate, the newly launched 2018 Healthy Communities Policy defines the role that planning has in fostering vibrant environments and active lifestyles that promote and protect the health of all Canadians, increasing the social and health equity of our communities.


An active APPI member, Olimpia mentored several planners and functioned for seven years with the Events and Journal committees. She was also the Healthy Communities representative for APPI and OUQ.

Olimpia is an expert advisor to the Metropolis International Institute, as part of the World Association of the Major Metropolises, the voice of local government before the United Nations and the international community. The Metropolis Policy Transfer Network is aiming at building institutional partnerships with other databases and city awards and incorporating the “Circles of Sustainability” approach, and to further develop and promote the “No Regrets” Charter, which calls for instant measures for climate adaptations in urban areas based on the precautionary principle.

Olimpia was nominated as 2010 Expert Peer Reviewer for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund and for the newest Municipal Climate Innovation Program. She serves on the Board of Directors with The Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium and on the University of Alberta City Region Studies Center Advisory Board. She continues to share her vision for municipalities of the future at the national symposiums and the World Town Planning Day webinars, partnering with Public Health Agency of Canada, Heart and Stroke Foundation on various Planning, Climate Change and Healthy Communities topics.

Furthermore, Olimpia had a Coordinator role for the

Subdivision and development appeal board training guidebook [2018] - Open Government (

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